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See Luan Foo is an executive coach (ICF Professional Certified Coach) operating from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.  He has built up a network of international clients and specializes in coaching global leaders and managers.

See Luan has held a variety of ROLES with major corporations in Asia, Europe, and the United States. He has built up an impressive range of QUALIFICATIONS in doing so. His international career has enabled him to speak Cantonese, Mandarin, and Malay, in addition to English.

As an executive coach, See Luan works with demanding executives, CEOs, Board Members and Department Managers who want to make dramatic improvements in their personal, professional, and organizational lives while maintaining a balance between work and family.

See Luan was invited by the World Food Program arm of the United Nations and the ICF to participate in the WFP's internal coaching program. Please view the approval statement.

See Luan's ability to build trust and a successful international practice is based on his customizing his cross-cultural experience and expertise, his use of Socratic questioning and empathic listening, his deep familiarity with Asia-based joint ventures, his yin-yang blend of seriousness and light-heartedness, to meet the clients' challenges, issues, and possibilities.

See Luan's focus is on leadership development, management of change, performance and personal effectiveness enhancement, career, life and financial planning skills, together with cross-cultural communications.

See Luan has a personal philosophy that he calls "homespun"; life is a gift to be shared and treasured. It rests on three cornerstones - 1. Plenty to live for and live on, 2. There is never a wrong time to do the right thing, and 3. The best is yet to be.

See Luan is a founder of the Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches.

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